Native Qobuz support for Mu-so Qb 2


I have updated my Qb2 to take advantage of the long-awaited native support of Qobuz …
It seems however that there are still some problems to solve … First of all, the Qobuz interface integrated into the application is not always reactive enough. Second, it’s mostly impossible to play multiple songs in a row: for some reason, when the Naim app is running in the background, it just won’t play the next song … It stops and once you get back to the app, you have to deal with its lack of response … It’s extremely frustrating.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes switching between songs can happen even if the app is running in the background. I still point out that I do not encounter the problem with my ND5 XS2 …

I don’t know if Naim staff are aware of this … but I would be happy to hear that a new update is underway to resolve these issues.

Thanks very much & kind regards,


Is there anybody out there experiencing the same problem or am I the only one?
I’ve just tried again and it is impossible to listen to one song after the other. The music stops at the end of the track and doesn’t skip to the next. This very frustrating.

Am I missing something, here?

Thanks for your help.

Have you reported this to Naim, at the bottom of the page are the details on how to contact Naim support. I would also disconnect the Muso power supply, and then reconnect, forcing a reset.

Thks for your reply, Gazza.
No, I haven’t. To be honest, I didn’t even think about it.
Resetting the Qb 2 does not help.

I’m going to send them a message.

They do not monitor the forum…too many non essential posts…best to contact directly. Hope it is sorted soon.

I’ve sent them a message and I’ve received a ticket number.

Thx again for the advice, Gazza.

Hope it is sorted soon.

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