Native Tidal on NDS vs Tidal on ND5XS2 into NDS?

Which gives better sound quality: Native Tidal on NDS vs Tidal on ND5XS2 into NDS?

Anyone who has tried this, please let us know.

E.g. @Dan_M ?
@Blackbird ?
@Bart ?

Haven’t tried ND5XS2 into NDS but NDX2 into NDS and the much cheaper Lindemann Bridge II sounds better on NDS. The streamer on NDS was never up for the task IMO.

Yes, the NDS streamer was not designed for internet streaming.

So it cannot play hires.

Thinking about it, that means it’s probably a nonstarter. :grinning:

I use Qobuz ND5XS2 into NDS 555PS. Also use Zoneripper as Server. It’s all set up well and the sound from the server is ultimately better with ripped CDs.

My brother is playing TIDAL during his visit on the system and it sounds very good.

The ND5XS2 is more reliable as a Streaming Transport than the NDS and the 3 box system works well.

It was a big move changing the streaming transport and involved going from 2 stacks to 3 stacks of Fraim.

I used to use a Cisco 2960 switch but now I just use the router. Had too many problems with it so now things are simpler with my network.

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You may or may not find the NDS used as DAC better than the nDAC. I haven’t tried the nDAC. Using ND5XS2 as streaming transport is a good machine in my view with either.

I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for here @JimDog. Do you want to go for an NDS?

The prices have come down even more on auction sites. One went for £1420 the other day.