Native Tidal - where are 'My Mixes'?

A set of ‘Mixes for you’ are available on Home tab of Tidal app. Are these available on the Naim app when using Tidal?


No, Tidal My mixes are not available in the Naim App as far as I know. The way I have found to see them is to save as actual playlist in Tidal App and then retrieve in the Naim App. A bit fastidious and you lose the dynamic of evolving playlists.

If you really want it you should sent a request via email to Naim support - i did so, I guess if they receive a sufficient amount of requests they will start considering.

I raised this with Naim about a year ago, and they said they might consider adding it, but obviously it hasn’t happened yet, so keep on putting in the feature requests, and perhaps they will. Assuming that Tidal make it available in their API, that is. It’s not available in Roon, either.
In the meantime, the workaround that Zinc mentions above is a simple enough to play them.

I hope Naim adds this tab to the Tidal section of the iOS app soon. It’s one of the better features of Tidal over Apple Music but I don’t like having to toggle between the native Tidal app and Naim app for this.

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