I am thinking of changing from a naxo to a snaxo what if any are the advantages ?? apart from the ability to use a snaxo with a supercap.

The fact that SNAXO splits the amps across bass/mid/treble is better I think rather than having one amp for left and one for right. Lessens the requirement to have closely matched power amps. The SNAXO is supposed to sound better than the NAXO too although I’ve not done a direct A/B. That, and of course a SNAXO will be younger and therefore fresher, so to speak.


I’ve had 7 of these things
The Snaxo is substantially better than the Naxo
And the Snaxo 362 is better still
There is also a distinct improvement when using a Supercap and a DR is even better

My advice would be go for a Snaxo 362 or 242 depending on your speakers
Definitely ignore the Naxo


Just to add IMO

Naxo - Snaxo i found it to have much more detail the speakers had opened up as if a cloth had been covering them
Snaxo - Snaxo 362 was probably the biggest difference, once again much more detail the frequency extremes were extended, the bass much deeper and the treble less sharp, also sounds much more musical, a theme I’ve found with all the black series


Every new generation of NAXO/SNAXO has seen an appreciable uplift in performance , so even if you don’t use a SNAXO with a Supercap, it should perform better than the equivalent NAXO.

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