NBL Torque settings

Hi All,
Does anybody here have the Torque settings for NBL drive units please.

There’s some discussion on this thread around DBLs and NBLs. It may be helpful.

Have you got the manual? I had a quick search and it seems to have some details.

Good luck

Many thanks Mathew,good of you to take the time and trouble. I have the original manual but it dosnt cover torque settings. Id pretty well guessed it would be same or similar to DBLs but thought id double check here. Based on my findings with mid drivers (slacker than a slackone)it should be a job worth doing. Now to psyche myself up for turning them upside down!!.
Many thanks again ,
ATB Ian.

No problem. There’s a few thread on setting up the older speakers. The search function is really useful to find stuff like that.

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks guys,i have been a member here and on the original forum for many years.
After delving into valves and Tannoys etc for ten or more years i decided to return to a Naim system mainly to just get back to listening to music instead of constantly fiddling and faffing with hifi,chasing the impossible as it where. At least with Naim i find its a fit and forget in the main apart from the annual fettle of connections etc. I have that hifi+ article somewhere thanks Clive,ill dig it out if i can remember where the hell it is…
System btw is Linn Akurate Kdsm, CB 32.5, Hicap,olive snaxo,Hicap,3x CB 250s and NBLs.
Cheers for the welcome Mathew.


I seem to recall they have to be upended but not sure where I heard that. That being said I am betting the bass units have that blue goo sticking them in, so ultimate tighntess of the bolts probably wonts be world ending. Also I believe the bass set up is non serviceable, so I dont know, probably dont worry about it.

The spring on the treble is a thing though. That could take up valuable hours if you need some wasted :slight_smile:

I think inverting the speaker was only for removing the bass module for sending to Naim for attention, there was a warning not to dismantle it. The original packaging is used to stand it on, which I don’t have. There are torque values for the bolts on the base which hold it in place and I’ve retorqued mine accordingly except the rear two which were so tight I feared the hex heads would round off rather than turn without a rattle gun or impact driver, both of which I have but thought better if using in this instance so I left them tight. For retorquing the mid range there’s no need to invert.

Mm yes having read up on this and taking your advise i think i’ll be leaving the bass units well alone!.
Bugger these up and its goodbye NBL :grimacing:.

I do wonder that the bass drivers don’t need retorquing when all other Naim speakers’ drivers do. If Naim were still servicing the bass modules then the leave it to the experts approach is OK but if Naim speaker servicing has been abandoned by Focal/Naim then the information to DIY them would be useful if they’re ever going to need attention.

To be clear I as only referring to getting at the bass units. The midranges obviously don’t need to be upside down.

Yes undertood that,i’d already done the mid driver and tweeter frame. I was quite suprised at how under torqued the mids were considering there must be very little vibration there. Tweeters were pretty good tbh,just a slight tweak needed. Bass units are a bugger as you can ‘almost’ but not quite get the grills off without having to remove the base. A couple of mm more and it would slide out. Maybe shortening the grill pins for future fettlin is doable.

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