NC 222 with OC 250DR

Sorry I missed the question was about the DR and not the 250.2! My short demo experience of the 250.2 was probably only trivially relevant!

Its at this point that the ‘250’ really isn’t a 250 anymore - its power into a 4 ohm load is not 125W RMS (I could not find a value for its 4 ohm power *).

But the 250.2 is one version before the 250DR - which seems to be well liked & appreciated. Lets not be so hard on the 250.2… :crazy_face:

(the NC250 should be a NAP380… Thats 2 times 190W RMS…!)


Remember the 250.2 ran for many many years bridging olive to Dr.
I have 2 , awaiting a 3rd for the Isobariks.
I’ve been driving the Isobariks with one 250.2 passive and the sound is amazing ,actually had a real morning blast today when everyone out , mega fun .

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Is it? It’s the only 250 I’ve seen to receive any real criticism. Certainly more than any of the other 250s before or after.

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It is. The NAP250DR replaced the NAP250.2 - the change being from the previous regulators to the DR versions.

AFAIK, DR is all that changed… But happy to be corrected, if there was more done… :thinking:

(which is often the case, with Naim…)

Well that was a big change and it definitely changed the sound signature. For the better.

Which weren’t in your opening post, nor in your profile, since I had checked before responding.

There is synergy - the great synergy is 222/NC250 - having been designed together.
Best advice, two box system, retain what you have, save, then switch later to NC.

The issue isn’t about the combo you asked, it is how much would 222 improve on Nova.
Undoubtedly some, but audition for that change is the only answer, ymmv.

Can you take your 250DR to your local Naim store and get a demo with the NSC222, or see if they will loan you a 222 for a few days home demo?


Yes, for me at least and from what I’ve experienced it’s a great combination. Given your stated budget and box count restrictions it’s worthy of your consideration. If you can audition the NSC222 with your 250DR, even better as it appears that this could be your final move so you’ll want the assurance that you’re making the correct decision.

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I’ve not tried the 250DR with the 222, but I did have the Atom HE playing through my Devialet 250 as a power amp for a bit before I got my 222/250. IF I wasn’t going to use the phono circuit and I definitely wasn’t ever going to put a PS on it I would seriously think of the HE and a power amp (250DR for example) - it would be a great and good value solution…… alternatively as a stepping stone a 222 and 250DR should be fine, but do listen.


If I may ask, why I you using Nds/ 2X 555 dr into 222? I don’t understand.

Np. I’ve been looking to downsize and simplify ahead of my retirement. I still have all my older stuff acquired during my Naim journey from a UnitiQute, 272, 282, hi cap and Supercap up to the 552/500 and was evaluating which is the best combination utilising as much of my existing equipment as possible. I thought the endgame would be the 222/250DR with one or two 555ps but it didn’t work out as expected. For fun I connected the NDS before re-boxing the 555ps (which is a bit of a pain) and amazingly love this combination. It’s the only combination I’ve found to date, where I don’t miss the 552/500. I know I’m only using only part of the 222s capabilities but it doesn’t worry me in the slightest.


@WhatshisNaim, I wonder if a 555 on the 222 would change that? Appreciate it needs special cables, dealers may these now to try now as they have been in the wild for about a year. This is how I run my 222. Sorry to OP for thread drift. As compensation, I can add that used a 250DR with 222 (albeit with 555) could happily have used this as a long term system, no mismatch and very enjoyable.

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Likewise, don’t want to deviate from the thread but I did try the 555ps connected to the 222. More detail certainly but it lost much of the vibrancy and energy that I liked when using the 222 bare. My opinion appears to be contrary to that of everyone else who has used a 555ps with their 222.

It’s definitely contrary to mine. You might want to ensure your burndies are good. Something sounds amiss.

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Nds/ 2X 555 dr / 222 = 4 boxes
Nds/ 1 X 555 dr / 332 = 3 boxes. I feel that one will still sound better. If you sell the 222 and one 555 dr to get a 332. Just wondering.


Well the main thing is you tried it, which is what was suggested to the OP re 250.

I haven’t actually tried to be honest. I now have 350’s as power amps so conventional wisdom would suggest that would be a mullet too far!

However, I once put a Supercap on a Nait XS2 and didn’t like that at all, this went against what most people thought as well at the time! So fully understand your decision.

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Hi all,

My Nova paired with a 250DR sounds a little bright and forward in its presentation, which for me, makes it less relaxing. Whereas the Nova by itself has a mellower sound, which is just so easy to listen to. It surprised me how much the 250DR changed the overall presentation.

In many ways the improvement has been quite dramatic - better controlled bass, more revealing treble, wider soundstage, etc. It gives more of literally everything!! It sounds highly impressive, but the listening fatique factor is kind of spoiling the experience.

My question today is not about speaker placement or speaker cables or anything like that, it is simply this:

Do you think replacing the Nova with the NSC222 would calm down the 250DR’s presentation a little? I’m looking for a slightly more refined, less full-on sound.

Thx :+1:


There are a LOT of options here, of which the 222 is probably one of the more expensive. Do you have a dealer you can try it out in?
Other options are used streamers/preamps separately in the OC range, or 222/250NC or (slightly left field but VERY cost-effective) a Uniti atom HE as a streamer/pre. Depends if you need the phono stage in the 222 or intend to add the NPX300 PS at some stage.


Try a non DR 250. Totally different presentation.

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