NC and SL Interconnects?

@james_n Did you get rid of your Devialet amp?

is statement not balanced in the same way? would have thought it would be the same cable

I’m not using it in my main system now as there is a NC250 in its place, but will probably keep it for a second system (as it’s a single box and Roon ready) and move my NAITs on.

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There were a few posts about the quality of the NC supplied XLRs (apparently a few defective?) but mine have been ok and sound good if a bit closed in and dull. I have settled for the Chord Signatures TA after testing a couple of options and think it’s worth it.

The SL should give a small step up. I am still puzzled how much more the XLR versions of these interconnects cost over the DIN and RCA (similar but slightly less pronounced for Chord as well).

I tried the Signature TA, both XLR and speaker combined, very capable combo I found.
SL would have to be amazing and a purchase choice only after a home demo ideally.
I’ve only ever tried at home the 5 pin DIN IC between a SN3 and NDX2 I had at that time.
The implimentation of XLR on NC devices differs from Statement from memory, how/why I’d not be sure to say without asking/checking elsewhere.

I have had it confirmed that the new Balanced XLR are now available for home demonstration and for sale, although I have yet to confirm a price…….


Thanks for update, I expect they’ll fall in to the “quite a lot” price band inevitably, still be keen to give them a try regardless.

My thoughts exactly :grinning:.


So, I am informed by Naim through my dealer that the only change to the SL XLR interconnect is that the length increased from 1m to 1.5m……

Except that 1.5m is the length shown in last year’s price list…… And this conflicts with all the dark mutterings regarding a new SL XLR interconnect for the NC Series.

Something is definitely not quite right here and it’s really too expensive for all this and offers no explanation in respect of a balanced vs pseudo balanced (NC) interconnect.

Any enlightenment appreciated.


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So, from Naim Support;

“Regarding the Super Lumina range, it was initially in place before the introduction of the new classic series.

However, it can serve as an upgrade option this case and overall, it is worth the increase in cost. The enhancement lies in the better interpretation of the instruments themselves, including their textures and their sense of scale within the mix. Nothing sounds overly massive, and there is improved bass depth and overall agility.

….you can place an order for the Super Lumina XLR to XLR through any retailer. They can then coordinate with our sales admin team to fulfill the order and shouldn’t need a part number but if needed the part ref for your records is 010256.”

So there we go, nothing new, the existing XLR is what one needs.



Thanks for the update. Are you going to give them a go ?

Swapped in the Mark Grant XLR cables tonight, after running things in with the standard supplied XLR cables, so we’ll see how those compare to the standard items.

Dealer is going to send me a set to try……

But, given how good the standard Interconnect is, they’ll need to be REALLY something else!

Also, I’m sure I read somewhere that Naim had tried their existing (old) SL XLR interconnect vs the standard supplied XLR’s and found the latter to be better….

So I’m still not sure what version Naim/Dealers are describing, and the lack of specifics in their replies does not inspire confidence, particularly if there’s a box of older XLR interconnects to be disposed of….

But then, I am somewhat of a sales pitch cynic :joy::joy::joy::joy:.


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So, indeed Naim have updated the SL XLR-XLR interconnect from a single shotgun configuration cable to two discrete connectors, although of similar if not identical construction. This to facilitate its use with the NC 350 mono blocks the separation of which would exceed the earlier design.

Having had the new version for some two weeks, I would confirm the NC 222/NPX 300/NAP 250 more than capable of seeing the benefits of an SL loom.



I’ve just received a demo pair of SL XLR-XLR cables (part number 00-010-0256) from my dealer today. My system is 333/332/350s with an SL DIN lead connecting 333 and 332. Initial impression is very positive - the sound is more natural and open. I’m planning to get used to them for a few days then swap back to the standard cables to see what the difference is going the other way.


Thanks for your post and first impressions. Could you post a picture so I can see what the differences are?

It’s a bit of a faff getting behind my rack to install/uninstall cables so I can’t provide a photo. The XLR plugs are identical in both cables - robust all-metal construction, including the decoupling rings. The only difference is that the new interconnects are two completely separate cables whereas the original interconnect is a single cable made with two sets of cores.

Does this help?



Very helpful, thank you for sharing. It looks like they’re single-ended like the cables that come with the statement.

I believe that is correct, only 1.5m in length instead of 1.0m.


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The AV Options Signal XLR’s are excellent. At the Sarum Tish level with more of the Naim Goodness. And they just lowered the price to $1699USD.