Nc250 to nac 282

Hi everyone, what socket do you use to connect on the 282 to the nc250. I have the correct legacy cable. Sorry for the dumb question
Many thanks :+1:

Connect the DIN4 end to your Supercap socket 3. I assume this is a DIN4 to 2 x XLR cable ?

If it’s two cables, use Sockets 3 and 4.

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Yes James, 4 pin din to 2 x xlr. Appreciate your reply :+1:.

Ah ok - It looks there are two cable assemblies that could be used, according to the list. You should have 00-010-0244 which uses two separate DIN4 to XLR cables but it sounds like you have the -0250 cable instead.

This effectively works the same way but would normally be used for connecting a SN2/3 to a NC250 (Single DIN4 to 2x XLR) where only one DIN4 socket is available as an output.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 17.38.32

This must be worth checking with the Dealer who sold the OP the NAP250NC…?

The cost is the same. If I had paid full price for a 250NC, I would want to be absolutely sure that the cables for it are 100% correct… :expressionless:


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Indeed, Ian. Hopefully the OP can chase this up with their dealer :+1:

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Will check it out. Thanks again for your replies :+1:.

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Yes the cable is ending 0250, so I will see what my dealer says :+1:

Did you pay for the cable, or was it included with the purchase of your 250NC…?

It was included, because of the promotion deal I think.
It’s all connected now, and playing sweet :blush::+1:

It’d be interesting to know if it makes any difference which cable is used. I’d guess they didn’t produce two for the sake of it, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was no difference between the two (sonically). So many new things to explore with the advent of this new equipment.

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