ND 555 review

Great local review of the new streamer.

Not that we had any doubt…


Nice one.

Thanks for sharing, the first one I have seen about the ND555. Hope to see more reviews upcoming in which the reviewers also have the machine running for much longer as to evaluate real performance after burn in.

On the website of the German Naim distributor Music Line one can find also a review of the ND555 with some very nice pictures of its internals as well.

Of course in the German language :wink:

Here is another review of the ND555 (german)


Thomas, have you got your new ND555 and SL cables set up yet?

That’s the one I was referring to … not sure if it was allowed to post a link …

Only seen a part of this one, nice thanks for sharing…

Yes :smiley:

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Thomas, looks wonderful, just enjoy the music. Over listening for burn is tiresome after a while.

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What are your speakers? i don’t recognize them. Your profile is not public… but i know you ex Tomser.


I had now a full read of the German review. I have actually seldomly seen a writer of a review being so lyrical about the quality of a tested device. I wouldn’t go as far as him. But I have to agree that it’s a very special Streamer, which in the last weeks has gained even more through intensive playing day and night…

One of the last sentences is quite meaningful:

" Mit dem ND 555 hat Naim die Diskussion “Analog versus digital“ beendet.”

Approx. translation : With the ND555 Naim has put an end to the “Analog versus digital” debate.


I tend to agree with that.

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You will now have the Vinyl addicts on your back

when i go on your profile, it’s written: this user’s public profile is hidden. So you didn’t know it is hidden Thomas?

Hey Stringerbell, have a good year. all the best!

no problem.

Happy new year to you as well , FR !