ND5 SX 2016 as DAC only

Does anyone have views on the relative quality (per £ spent, as always, given that these are available for c.£700) as purely a DAC, fed from the Coax output of a WiiM Pro, and feeding into a NAP200 driving (most likely) ATC SCM7’s or KEF LS50 Meta’s. Tidal Connect is the main usage.

Also presumably I would be better running the WiiM at fixed output and controlling volume in the Naim ?

Hi, the ND5XS is a streaming source - you’ll need a preamp between that and a 200.

Ok so I would just use the Tidal volume control then, which is what I currently do with my Meridians running directly from SPDIF

Or is a 272 a better buy ?

The 272 would be a better fit as it has a preamp. There is no access to a volume control in Tidal with any of these streamers, so you need a preamp somewhere.
Options could include a 172 or 272 with the 200, or a separate streamer perhaps with a Supernait.

To repeat - I am not planning to use the streaming functions, a WiiM Pro is a far more capable streamer than anything more than 5 years old when using Tidal or even Roon - as long as you avoid the WiiM DAC.

Having seen how these streaming boxes and format changes have played out I am somewhat in the Steve Guttenberg that for music you want all your boxes separate. Streamer with digital out → Digital Domain Dirac Processor → DAC → pre amp etc

I suspect even an AV2 would be fine for my purposes as I won’t be using more than 24/96 PCM though im guessing anything like that would need a recap.