ND5 XS-2 and Tidal

Hi: I seen some similar posts, but I’m experiencing a problem playing a complete album or songs in queue.
-Using through the Naim App
-Firmware up to date
-IPad IOS 14
-Hardwired to router.
-On fibre optic
Sometimes it will play the complete queue, but when you clear the queue and add new songs, it may play one or two songs and just stop. If you try to move to the next song, it returns to the previous song. I thought today, I would try my iPhone as it is newer, it was actually worse and only played one song and stopped. The only thing that seems to resolve this temporarily is disconnecting the mains and re-connecting. I contacted my dealer and he is suggesting it be sent back to the distributor. I haven’t reached out to Naim directly yet as the instructions are to contact you dealer first. I feel this is something software related, but now I’m no longer enjoying my streamer as I have to constantly manually change songs and advance the queue. BTW, I bought this second hand from a reputable dealer.

Thanks Kevin

Will do. Thanks.

How do you clear a queue through the web client? Thanks

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Sorry for the late reply…

On the webclient page, click on Playlists on the right hand side. Then on the one titled PlayQueue click on the hamburger menu icon on the right then select Clear

Thanks, I was able to clear the queue. I’m sorry, but the web client is very difficult to use. In Tidal, if I go to my music, albums, I only get one page of albums. Up to “B” in the alphabet. How do I get the rest of my albums?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, I saw the bar, and moved it, but it still stopped at the bottom and more albums were to shown. I will try on my laptop, I was just on my iPad. Truly a frustrating experience. I have got a ticket in since last weekend, but no response to this point. Thanks again for you help.

Scrolling issues aside, does the webclient play songs in the queue correctly?

Note its a small handle to drag when the list is long, and I think it can in fact scroll out of view, but I can scroll fine using the trackpad on the laptop. With 1000 album favorites in Qobuz it can take a bit to load when scrolling fast

A little off topic, but are there disadvantages to using Airplay from the Tidal app?

If you prefer the Tidal app to the Naim app, you could use AirPlay. For example, you get access to the Tidal MyMix playlists which the Naim app can’t see. However, the signal is routed via the device that runs the app, whereas it would otherwise be sent direct to the streamer, which may not affect sound quality. There’s nothing to lose by trying though. Other connection options include Chromecast, Roon, and when it’s available, Tidal Connect, so you have plenty to choose from.

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A bit of an update, I have discovered that changing the view within the Naim app seems to have eliminated the issue. I was using the list view, now using the other view that scrolls from right to left and displays the bit rate etc.

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