ND5 XS 2 > BNC S/PDIF > nDAC > DIN > SN3

I’m looking for some advice for my Naim system.

I have the following hardware in my chain;

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Switch > ND5 XS 2 /w standard power cable > BNC S/PDIF > nDAC /w Power-Line Lite > Standard Naim DIN > SN3 /w Power-Line Lite

I’ll look at getting another Power-Line Lite so all 3 boxes are hooked up with the same power cable. I’m not sure if I should be using the chassis or floating ground on the ND5 XS 2 and nDAC? Can anyone help? Just trying to make sure I have everything setup correctly.

My BNC S/PDIF is a cheapy Amazon special until Mark Grant re-opens so I can buy the HDX1 .

If I was to go down the upgraded power supply route, which box would benefit the most?

Thanks for reading,

Hi Chris,

only one unit should be set tho “chassis”. I would float the streamer, but try it the other way, too.
While I never went down the external power supply route, the DAC seems to be the best place to start.


Thanks @Mulberry

I tried changing the floating and chassis ground but couldn’t distinguish any difference in sound or background noise.

It was my understanding that the DAC would benefit from an external PSU over the other components, thanks for confirming what I thought.

Mine is setup like Mulberry describes. nDAC set to “chassis”, ND5XS2 set to “float”. I have an external PSU on the nDAC and yes it makes a difference as you’d expect.


You could probably pick up a used Naim DC1 for around the same price.

That depends on your budget. If it runs to a PS555 (not necessarily DR) that’s what I’d go for, on the nDAC. If not an XPS is a great upgrade.



I think that’s a bit optimistic!!
I sold my DC1 and bought an HDX1 which sounded just as good to me and I could choose one that was the right length.

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The ND5XS2 can’t use a separate power supply. My choice would be a non-DR 555PS for the NDAC.
A Hicap for the Supernait would also be worth considering, at a much lower price that the 555, but try and listen before you commit as not everyone hears it as an improvement.

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Just had a quick look at the DC1 used prices and they seem to be double of the HDX1.

I’ll wait until Mark Grant reopens and buy brand new at the length I need.

Same here for switch settings.

Haven’t tried any other way.

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I had this reversed for about a week then realized it. For me, it sounds much better having them set correctly. The small things really add up in this hobby.

HDX1 arrived today. Lovely quality item and sounds…nice?

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