ND5 XS 2 - TIDAL played through Chromecast!

I just upgraded my ND5 XS to a ND5 XS 2. Got everything set up but have a few questions:

When I choose TIDAL (just signed up), it only show “My collection” in the Naim app. I thought it would activate everything on TIDAL! Not the case?

When I play music from the TIDAL app and choose ND5 XS 2 as player, it activates Chromecast built-in in the Naim app. Is it not supposed to activate TIDAL in the Naim app for best possible quality?

When listning to radio there is no longer the option to stop or pause the music! What do you do when you don’t want to switch to standby mode? Or if you need to stop the music fast?


AIUI there is a temporary glitch in the iOS app which has broken the integration between Tidal and Naim - very hopefully normal service will be resumed asap.

If you want to stop the radio, again AIUI you either turn the volume down, or switch to another source (say, Turntable), or tap on the cog icon and Power Off.

If you use the Tidal app it will use ChromeCast it does not control the native tidal integration so it will connect via either ChromeCast or Airplay. As Haffle mentioned there is some issues with Naim and Tidal servers at present so not all Tidal seems to work as it should via the Naim app. It will get sorted its an issue I am sure that will be sorted soon enough.

A few of us have moaned about this strange omission, and Naim have acknowledged that it needs reinstating, so hopefully it will reappear on a future update.

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