ND5 XS 2 - Wifi Connect Issues - Help please

Hi, wondering if anyone has had similar problem and solutions?

Have an ND5 XS 2 on wifi connected to a Nait XS3. Normally no issues at all on wifi. Today the Naim App or Tidal did not see the ND5 on the network. Nothing has changed in the system or my network as I know it.

Have tried the following:

  • Power cycle
  • Network rest on ND5 (pin hole button thing) - several times
  • Router reset
  • Change of Wifi to 2.4GHz only, then change back to 5GHz back on
  • Naim app reset
  • Naim app uninstall/reinstall
  • Tried set-up both on Android phone (Samsung Note) and iPad Air

The ND5 works with wired ethernet connection

When I go to “set-up new device”. the ND5 powers on, then led stays orange for awhile, blinks orange for a little bit, then turns purple, then flashing purple.

The problem is that during the detection of a “new device” when it is flashing purple, the phone/ipda does not detect anything. Eventually get the message on the Naim app "“No Naim Products Detected. Phone unable to find any Naim products in Wifi setup mode. Check that your product is in Wifi setup mode and that you are close enough so that it appears in your Android device’s Wifi list.”

I can’t see it in the wifi list on the phone.

Appears to me that if these things create their own wifi network temporarily before connecting to the router, then this isn’t happening. Am i right on this, and is there any solutions out there?

Much appreciated.



When you have done the pin hole reset, have you held the pin in for over 10 seconds?

Is the streamer the only device on your network that is misbehaving?

Hi yes, held the pin in over 10 sec. System changes from purple led to orange then resets and shuts down, then you press power button to turn on again. Same issue. Also, yes, only device not playing the game. Thanks.

After doing your router restart, does your router see your ND5? Do you have any other network devices other than your router, e.g. extender, switches, Mesh’s etc?

Also, can I suggest you turn ND5 off “at the wall”, then Router, wait 5 mins, then turn router on, wait 10 mins, then power on ND5.

Hi, no router doesn’t see it unless it’s on wired connection (no problems there). Wireless, cant get anywhere. Phone or iPad cant detect it during the setup sequence. Ive got simple one router network. No mesh, no powerline adapters etc. Have disconnected fully. Left it unplugged for couple of hours. Cheers

Daft question maybe, but I assume you’ve fitted the Wi-Fi antennas to your ND5XS2 ?

Yes, all been working fine for 6 months. That’s why i suspect something’s gone wrong internally.

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Ah ok, just wanted to check as you have a Unitistar listed in your profile, so wasn’t sure if this was a new install. Good luck with finding the issue :crossed_fingers:

May be worth taking the unit round a friend’s or relative’s house and see if you can get it on their network.

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You might try a network analyser app on your phone/tablet to see if that can find the nd5xs2 ‘setup’ network. If not, it sounds - to me - like a trip back to Naim via a dealer is going to be needed… :confused:

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Ahhh thanks, haven’t changed that. Yes the Star had it’s issues too (CD ripping) and I swapped it out for a ND5 XS 2 and a Nait XS 3. Had the ND5 for 6 months and no issues. Me thinks it’s internal electronics on the wifi module

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Thanks, the Naim app did run one and I didn’t see any new wifi signals. Also tried at neighbours house on their wifi and no luck. Think it’s a issue with wifi module. Back to the store. Thanks again

Yep, tried tonight and no luck. Back to the store it goes! Cheers

Hope you get it sorted soon mate it’s a fantastic streamer.

@Neilb1906 i too love the ND5XS2 streamer. My dealer feels it is a better streamer than the ATOM HE.

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