ND5 XS 2 Wireless Streaming

What’s the maximum resolution I can achieve from my ND5 XS2 by wireless streaming from my router ? Many Thanks.

A qobuz subscription would give you access to up to 24/192. I’m not aware of anything higher. Via your local network, which could include your router for linking your devices together, you could stream dsd quite happily.

Hi Should have added streaming Qobuz!

WiFi can cope with 24/192 streams, but it requires a decent network setup to work reliably. The current Naim streamers have pretty decent WiFi built in, and many routers are quite capable these days too. Still, a poor quality WAP, or one in poor location, can still cause problems.

I’ve just confirmed I can send 352.8kHz/24bit local file via wifi to an ND5 XS2.
Travelling via Roon with volume levelling enabled, so it’s actually sending a 32bit stream.
Roon core and NAS are hard wired, but the final hop to the streamer is wifi. Standard Virgin Hub 3.

Edit #1 - ie the limitation is currently Qobuz, not an intrinsic limitation of wifi…

Edit #2 - but your LFD DAC won’t know what to do with anything over 192/24

As others have said cloud subscription services like Qobuz or home Upnp it’s 192/24… if you use Roon you should find it’s 192/36, but that is configurable to 192/24 if you prefer.

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