Nd5 xs 2

Hello Guys,

I’m looking to purchase the ND5 XS 2 streamer, from checking online outlets over the past few months the stock availability is very low with some claiming it unavailable.
Is there a model update due resulting in current model stocks being low,
Would easily wait for new model as this will be a one time purchase for me.

Chris :grin:

Are you in UK? Delears in UK appear to have stock according to their web sites. Of course, that may not be accurate.

Afternoon MrFixit,

Yes I’m in Scotland…the big multi chain outlets have no stock apparently, some independent outlets do have stock from their online info, just wanted to check Incase anyone knows of a m updated model due.

I only checked a couple of Naim dealers. I’d only buy from a local one I could trust. I’m sure you could push for a deal if price is key to your decision.

There have been no rumours about an ND5 XS2 replacement and Naim never announce these things in advance, so no one who does know anything will say anything about it at all in this forum. But you may get lots of speculation, which will be just that - speculation.

There may be an updated model, or Naim may just drop it from the range. Nobody knows. One way forward would be to buy a used one in good condition, to avoid the immediate depreciation on a new purchase. There are a few on eBay and they pop up at dealers too. I’ve just done a quick search and found one at a dealer for £1,650.