ND5 Xs and airplay2

Hi I’ve an ND5 XS, Muso, Muso Qb and a Libratone zipp2 speaker that all play in multi room over airplay2 through foobar except the ND5 XS. Does anybody know if the ND5 XS will ever be upgraded to have airplay2 ? Or is there an upgrade route or workaround? I don’t really want to ditch the ND5 XS and fork out for an ND5 XS2 as the ND5 XS is fine otherwise and plays multi room in the Naim app but this excludes the libratone zipp2 . The Zipp2 is so convenient to move around, bathroom, man cave, garden.

Yes, it’s called the ND5-XS2. :slight_smile: Don’t count on AirPlay2 for the original ND5-XS.

I have the ND5-XS and plan to audition the XS2. I would like it for it’s rumored better sound, as well as for its support as a Roon endpoint. I personally don’t care about the AirPlay2 support, but it does have it.

This thread might serve you better if it was in the Streaming forum.

The ND5XS isn’t going to get AirPlay support. The workaround solution is to get an Airport Express and connect it to the ND5XS optical input.

Currently have the optical output connected to 3rd generation Apple TV to play audio through the Naim on amazon prime movies etc. 4th gen Apple TV supports airplay 2 but they’ve removed the optical output. Will the option you suggested replace the function of the Apple TV? Ie play audio for content playing on for instance an iPad?

Yes, Airport Express supports Airplay 2 and has optical out. It’s not an ATV, of course, but it will let you use Airplay 2 and multiroom from iOS devices. Discontinued now, but there are loads of used ones on ebay.

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