ND5-XS digital inputs

I am trying to use my ND5-XS as a dac for other digital devices as well as for streaming. I can do so using digital input 1 but no luck on digital 2 (optical) or 3 (coax). I have had input 2 working ok but it has stopped working a littel while ago (possibly after upgrading to FW 4.8, I’m not sure).

I have all 3 enabled but maybe there are other settings I’ve missed?

What source are you using?
. What do you have the “Unstable Source” set at?
Try YES.

I have my old Meridian 506.24 CD player digital coax out feeding my ND5 XS (digital input 2). I don’t recall having to set anything on the ND5 XS to make it work, so I assume it is set active as default.
The Settings / Input menu controls what inputs are active I believe.

He has said they are all active.

Try doing a factory reset. That might well get things working again. It’s a good idea to do it after a firmware update. Let us know if that works for you.

If one of the inputs is the TV you probably need to set its digital output to PCM stereo or similar. Surround settings won’t work.

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