ND5 XS Display

The display on my ND5 XS has recently become dimmer and dimmer to the point where it cannot be read at all.

The local dealer has quoted US$500 for a new display - is it really so expensive?

I believe it’s £300 in the U.K. so your price doesn’t sound wrong. To preserve the life of the screen you should set it to turn off after a few seconds, and certainly not leave it on all the time.

100% agree with HH post, set it to turn off after a few seconds.
I’ve had mine set for 30 seconds since I bought it in 2014 & its as bright as new.

its the comum practiced price. (unfortunately)

Crazy that claimed high end like this have displayes that require the user to limit time on to seconds to extend life time. Just think about that as a requirement for TVs or smartphones. Not ok. Should be extended warranty by Naim. They bought displays with to few hours of lifetime. Cheap.

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Since I wasn’t aware there was a setting for the display, I didn’t change it from the default - whatever that is.

Now that the display no longer works, it’s a little late to change the setting - in addition, it doesn’t look to be changeable from the Naim iOS App.

It’s changed using the remote handset & the display - sorry.

Just got the ND5 XS back with the display fixed for $500 :frowning:

I’ve set the auto off timer to 10s…


Think this way: you got a “new machine” for years to come. :muscle::fire:

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