ND5 XS Empty Buffer issue playing 192KHz Qobuz streaming

Hi All,

I’m playing my digital musing from QOBUZ using a ND5 XS controlled by BubbleUPnP App in my Android Phone.
The chain works fine except when I try to play a 192KHz sampled music, at the track beginning I get some “Empty Buffer” from the ND5 XS with music interruptions.
My ND5 X5 is connected by Ethernet Cable directly to Zyxel FTTC Modem.
Is anybody else facing the same problem?
Is there any option to have a deeper buffer for the “old” ND5 XS?

He did not mention using BubbleUpnp server. Maybe he is just using the BubbleUpnp app on the Android device. It would make the connection to Qobuz and act as a proxy to the ND5XS. The problem could be the Android device (cpu, network speed, wifi?) and its path to the ND5XS.

@paolo.b are you using BubbleUpnp server and the BubbleUpnp app or just the BubbleUpnp app?

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I use BubleUPnP app as client towards Qobuz.
Do you think the APP interfere with the streamer-QobuZ interworking? My mobile (XIAOMI Redmi note 7) is connected by WiFi…
But if I use BubbleUpnp server installed, for example, in a Raspberry it could help me?



Setting up a RaspberryPi and running BubbleUpnp server on it would be an inexpensive test. Make sure the Pi is using a wired connection. If you still have problems, you can downsample Qobuz to 24/96 in BubbleUpnp server as mentioned earlier. I prefer the wired Pi/BubbleUpnp server method acting as the Qobuz proxy over using just the BubbleUpnp app on Android and having your mobile as the proxy.

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