ND5 XS firmware upgrade

I notice there are recent upgrades for the ND5 XS2, NDX 2 etc etc, but none for the ND5 XS. I have the ND5 XS with version 4.7 which came out several years ago. So is that it for the ND5 XS? Does this mean no more improvements? Is this the lifespan of upgrades for a NAIM streamer?

Naim will likely issue the occasional update to keep discontinued streamers working, as they did with the old servers some time after they were discontinued.
If you want the range of connectivity and streaming support offered by the current models, obviously you will need to upgrade your hardware.

OK - that’s interesting to know. I thought NAIM were long term investments, but perhaps not in the Digital era.

There is a ‘legacy’ streamer (NDS, NDX, ND5 & Uniti) beta firmware on test at the moment, so hopefully not long to wait

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They are but the older platform cannot be expanded on any more than it has been, due to the limits of the older technology and hardware it uses compared to what is needed for the latest streamers to do what they do. It will continue to get maintenance updates as and when they are needed but beyond that you need to upgrade to add extra functionality.

I am still very much enjoying my NDX. What is the new firmware designed to do?

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Yes, NAIM might update software from discontinued products for a catastrophic bug but such would have been discovered by now.

The HDX was discontinued in 2018. Software version 1.7c was updated some time between 2018 and 2019 to stop the HDX searching for a non-existent internet database but was never released on the NAIM support website (suggesting beta status).

As I mentioned to you in another thread a day or two ago, 1.7c for HDX etc is not still a beta and unlike you, I do actually know what I am talking about.

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