ND5 XS v2 Power up issues

I am the new owner of an ND5 XS v2 Streamer, when I first got the product I applied power and was expecting to see the Green Power light up dimly, but nothing happened. I pressed the power button, nothing. I held the power button in, nothing. It looked like my new out of the box ND5 XS v2 was faulty, I turned it off and back on again, still nothing. I gave it one last try and it suddenly had a click of a relay and it came to life. This seems to happen every time I remove power from the unit for any length of time (a few hours).

After I got the thing working, I tried Network Standby, works fine, Deep sleep, can be hard to get it out of deep sleep, seems it prefers a short press of the button rather than a more normal press of the button.

All of the above points out to me my unit is faulty, I have sent an email to Naim support but as yet have not had a reply.

Does anyone else that has a ND5 XS v2 have the same issues or does yours show the green light when you immediately apply power?

Thanks to anyone taking the time to reply.


I haven’t used the NDX5xs2, but I would suggest you contact your supplying dealer. as that doesn’t sound right to me.

Thanks I have just spoken with Naim support and they think it is a faulty unit and should be returned to the retailer.

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