Nd5 xs2 airplay problems

Hi there

I think it happened after the last firmware update but I really have difficulty streaming my iPhone. It connects to the ND5 but no sounds comes out. I have to physically turn the streamer off and on for it to function again.

Anyone has an idea what could be the problem? Or better still the solution. Is there a way to force a firmware update, as in run it again? (If that is it)

I would suggest checking your iPhone app is up to date, power cycling your iPhone, and if you still have a problem, power cycle your router

As neatly summarised above, best thing to do is:

  • Check you are running the latest version of the Naim App (5.22.2 for Apple iOS)
  • Fully power down your iPhone and back up again
  • Restart your router to rule out issues there.
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