ND5 xs2 connection issue

I have recently moved house and as a result my streamer has moved from a wired to a Wi-Fi connection.

At first there were no problems but recently every time I open the app it can’t find the streamer. But the streamer is shown as connected to the internet when I look at the Wi-Fi settings in my BT.

If I run a network scan in the app it picks up the streamer but this takes time and is frustrating to have to wait a few minutes each time I want to put music on.

Any thoughts? Please keep responses simple as I am very basic when it comes to internet, connectivity etc! :slight_smile:

It sounds as though your wifi isn’t strong enough. Is it possible to use a cable? If not, you may need to look at better wifi. Maybe you can add more access points, or possibly relocate those you have. This will depend partly on exactly what network equipment you have.

Routers these days have dynamic WiFi channel selection. So, it’s possible your WiFi channel has changed to a channel that has inferior performance with your streamer.

It might be worth logging into the router and changing the channel.

Apps are available to keep an eye on what is going on.

Wired will be difficult as I’d need at least 5m of cable going directly across the living room!

I thought about the connection issue to which is why I find it strange that my BT app shows the streamer as having a strong connection.

That’s not far, easily done going around the room with a suitably coloured cat5e cable under edge of carpet. Cheap as chips to buy and try. If you have laminate floor you can superglue the cat 5 to the skirting board.

Interesting, we use wifi on Muso 2 in Germany and ND5XS2 in GB, ordinary copper connections of between 50 and 150mb speed. Both work flawlessly. Good luck

Hi @rich
If you go to that large on line store named after a river in South America, and seach for flat Cat5e cable.
I have used this tucked away between the skirting and the carpet.

You can also get flat cable which is what I use to tuck the cable underneath the carpet between the gripper and skirting

Thanks for the tip. Looks like a bargain price too!

I would check first that it is working as expected with a short (temporary) Ethernet connection. If that is OK, then check wifi signal strength. If signal strength is good at your selected location, you have some sort of connectivity issue. But I would want to know what the problem is before just putting in cables.

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Ordered yesterday, arrived and installed (neatly) today, problem appears to be solved!

Thanks all


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