ND5 XS2 connection issues

hi all,

Some odd behaviour from my ND5 XS2. It seems to have done some kind of reset, but not a full one. The Naim of the device has defaulted to a random “NAIM xxxxx”, it still remembers the input names though. It’s also lost its hard wired connectivity, and also won’t sustain a wifi connection for longer than about 30 seconds - light goes temporarily purple then green again.

Is there a way to factory reset the device from the app? I can’t see anything obvious.


A purple light means that the streamer can’t find your network even though it has a network configuration and expects to find it. That could mean that there’s an issue with your router. (ISPs sometimes issue updates, so it could be a change of router configuration that you were unaware of).
The first thing I would try is a router restart. Leave router and streamer powered down for a few minutes. Then turn on the router, let it settle, them turn on the streamer.

Thanks for the response Chris. Have tried that already, its also odd the streamer changed its name… I’ll try another reboot later though

To reset it, stick the little pointy thing that came with the player in the hole on the back. Make sure you feel a click before removing it. The pointy thing that comes with an iPhone is the same.

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Sorry for the late reply to this and thanks for the replies!

Turns out it was a network issue, after a recent power cut another device pinched the same IP as the streamer. So when that device did something the Naim would get kicked off. Very peculiar but all good now!

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