ND5 XS2 digital output is not working anymore

Everything was working well until a few days ago when the streamer started flashing the LED as if the wifi connection had been interrupted even though it was actually working. To remove the flashing I proceeded with a system reset and re-established the wifi connection again. From that moment on the digital output no longer worked. I reset several times again but nothing. Again every now and then the system keeps flashing with the wifi problem. At that point I used the wired connection and the LED returned to solid green. But digital output still doesn’t work. Is there a way to reload the firmware from scratch? The one installed is
Thanks for any suggestion.

i dont have the naim app anymore but is there an option to turn off & on the digital out?

Perhaps as @Hifi-dog suggests, the reset you did has toggled the Digital Output to Off.

I would check that. Perhaps someone knowledgeable will be along shortly to explain how you might do that…?

Go into settings / output settings, and choose what you want. The default after a reset is din.


YES I went there and I change the output to Digital BNC and now is working !!! Thanks a lot to remain me that. Paolo