ND5 XS2 DIN connector

I have a new ND5 XS2 (one month) and been rearranging my rack in an attempt to get cables tidier etc.
I have my ND5 XS2 DIN output feeding a SN3 DIN input. While I was disconnecting the cable at the streamer end I noticed the socket moves a little, almost like it is not fixed to the case. Only a small movement (maybe 1-2mm), but movement. There is no external collar on the casework, while the SN3 DIN connectors all have a collar which is screwed to the case.
I was extremely careful when reinserting and locking the cable at the streamer end.
Question: Are all ND5 XS2 units the same? The picture on the Naim website would seem to indicate yes.

PS The website picture for the NDX2 shows a collar a la SN3.

The XS2 socket is deliberately loose. It’s for decoupling. All 5 series boxes are like this. So why is the SN3 different, you ask. Because the decoupling is achieved using internal wires, as is the case with all the bigger boxes.


Thank you for the explanation.
Raises a couple of questions though for me:
I’d have thought that plugged in = coupled and not plugged in = decoupled?
Also, I don’t understand why the socket can’t be securely fixed to the case? (Just feels a bit flimsy/fragile the way it is).

It’s about mechanical decoupling to avoid vibration. Trust me, my explanation is correct. There are comparative pictures online if you feel like searching.

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The ND5XS2, like most of the 5 series kit, has the DIN connected directly onto the PCB. The PCB is mounted on compliant mounts to decouple it from the chassis and cut down microphonic effects. By contrast, The SuperNait3 DINs are connected to the inner sled and the connected via wires to the Main PCB.


Thank you, it’s not that I think you are correct or not, I just don’t understand.

Thanks Richard for explaining. :+1:

For extra decoupling, leave the locking ring on din plugs loose on interconnects (but tight on snaics).

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You can see the difference in these two pictures.

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XS Series yes (wobbly bits), but not 5 Series. Only IEC inlet as with all Naim mains powered boxes.

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