ND5 XS2 DIN&RCA Output Option

Hi all

My HiLine DIN cable gave up on me recently. I had a pair of very nice Chord Signature RCA cables that I have been using instead and recently picked up a Signature DIN cable at a very good second hand price.

I noticed in the Naim app there is an output option for RCA&DIN? I tried this with both connected and the sound improvement was significant, I’m guessing due to it sending two signals to the amp…

I therefore wanted to check I am interpreting the use of this option correctly as it is such a big improvement, I’m wondering if I have misunderstood as a novice Naim user :flushed:

All help very much welcomed!

ps. I have sent my HiLine off for repair, the Signature DIN was purchased to connect up a NAP200 DR I have also picked up second hand at a good price. Thank god for eBay :heart:

The signal is going via either RCA or DIN. Having both connected is likely to degrade sound quality so you should connect only one pair at a time.
A Hiline needs to be set up correctly in order to sound right, and it’s easy to get this wrong. Perhaps it will reveal its full potential when you get it back from Naim.

The 200 should come with a cable included unless the seller has failed to provide it. It’s a 4 pin DIN, not the same as a 5 pin DIN used to connect sources.


Based on your advice, I disconnected the RCA, switched it back on, selected DIN only and the sound was the same improvement as the DIN&RCA option, which was significant. Good evidence of DIN being the superior way to interconnect!

Thank you, I really should research things better…but I’m still getting used to Naim and the separates approach. It has been a learning curve; but I am loving it!

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