ND5 XS2 directly into NAP 200 (non DR)

Hi there - just wondering, do I need a preamp for the above combination? And if so any recommendations? Many thanks!!

Yes, you’ll need a pre-amp for your NAP200. The closest match is the NAC202. I would also highly recommend a NPSC power supply - this takes care of the logic and controls which brings big gains in performance due to a big lowering of noise by separating these supplies from the audio circuit supplies.

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated!

If you enable variable volume on the streamer, it is possible to run it directly into a power amp. This is not how Naim design their amps, the pre and power amp are intended to work together, but if you don’t need analogue inputs, you do not technically need a separate preamp. Whether this is the best use of funds for optimum sound quality is another matter, and I would suggest that you listen carefully before making a choice.

Cheers for the info Chris - yea its a tricky one - i’m probably best waiting until after Corona to demo, but with time on my hands it’s hard to resist taking a punt! I also have the option of selling the Atom and 200 and investing in a Nait XS 2 amp and ND5 XS 2 Streamer. In your opinion do you think this will make a big jump in SQ compared to my present set up?

I believe some dealers have been sending demo units by courier now that their shops are closed, so maybe this would be possible while you have time on your hands. (I guess there’s a moral debate about whether or not this compromises social distancing for the couriers, but that’s another matter.)
ND5XS2/200 vs ND5XS2/NaitXS at the same list price might be an interesting shootout. I’d be surprised if you didn’t find either of them better than your Atom/200, but I would still try to do the demo before committing.

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