ND5 XS2 good dac for Home Theatre?

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just a quick one
does the ND5 XS2 perform as a dac for watching movies?

I ask because some dac models are work with a small delay ~30-80msecond
due to adaptive FIFO buffer and reclocking. If this is the case to me the dac is not made for watching movies.

thanks for your help

I have mine plugged into my Sons TV via cheap optical cable , and works fine with movies.

sound is synchron with the movie?

It is to my ears (and eyes) :slight_smile:


I use(d) Atom and Nova - you can adjust lip-sync a bit in the settings for the incoming digital inputs (SPDIF, Coax, HDMI). Should be fine.

Just remember, the Naim systems are stereo only - no surround or 3D sound…

stereo it`s clear to me
timing is important to me
what is lip-sync?

There is no lip sync adjustment on the ND5XS2, although there is on most TVs, so you can use that and connect to the streamers optical input.
The problem with lip sync adjustments is that they can add more delay if that’s what is required, but they cannot reduce the delay to less than 0 which is often what you would need. I wouldn’t expect the ND5XS2 to be worse than any other DAC in this respect, but you would need to try it to be sure.

Lip sync issues are almost always where the sound comes first because the picture processing tends to take longer . I used to have an ND5XS and that worked perfectly using optical from the TV . The DAC I use now has a buffer that can be adjusted (50ms,100ms,200ms,300ms) , I have it set at 100ms and it works fine with LG CX OLED.

I have a Denafrips dac connected with my laptop
in that case the sound is 80ms late

I additional to that issue I use my dac to improve the sound from my CDJ2000NXS
dont know if someone in this forum is familiar with that media player. its the same issue -… if you move the jogg wheel the sound the output is delayed.

I am not complaining on the denafrips dac- don`t get me wrong - but I think I need a second solution and I thought the ND5CS2 could act as a transport for streaming together with my denafrips - and acting as a sound improvement for my cdj2000nxs and TV

I do think the ND5XS2 makes a very good digital transport, and it would allow you to connect a TV via optical as well as for music sources. (Obviously it’s a 2 channel stereo device, so it won’t work as part of a multi-channel AV setup.)
The problem with lip sync issues is just that putting more devices in the signal path can only increase the delay, or at best, make no noticeable difference, so if there’s a delay going direct from TV to DAC, the ND5 cannot correct this.

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I prefer to connect the source to dac rather than from the tv to dac (SkyQ box)
It seems to offer better quality. Unsurprising really as the audio signal isn’t going through more electronics. Playing with the SkyQ Spotify app brings out surprisingly decent replay.
Although getting the lip sync right can be mind boggling.
I find turning up the volume of the tv along with the volume playing through the dac/system and adjusting until minimising the echo chamber effect works for me. Although I’ve never been able to get them in total sync due to the courseness of levels to play with.
After a quick check 0 delay on the screen and 80ms optical delay from my SkyQ to dac seems both in sync visually and with each other.

Use a converter change digital signal to analog signal, and connect ND5 XS2 with TV, then you can enjoy the movie.

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