ND5 XS2 "IR" control of Supernait 1

Hi All,

The first post in a long while, looking at upgrading my digital frontend to the ND5 XS 2 and wondering if my Supernait 1 is compatible with the IR control functions of the ND5 XS2. I’m hoping I can utilise the changing inputs on the Supernait. Is this also the case for volume control?

Anyone with experience in this area would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to the new forum. We discussed the NDX2 and SN2 at this thread, not entirely sure the SN1 would be the same. I’m now using system automation, which works fine with the NDX2 remote.

The Supernait System Automation works just the same as with SN2.

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Hi John, the ND5XS2 has no remote, but uses the Naim app for control. You can connect it to a Naim preamp so that the Naim app will control its volume pot using simple +/- buttons.

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Thanks for the reply’s good to know the Supernait 1 will work. Hard to believe it’s now getting to be an older model.

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