ND5 XS2 + Magic Radio Premium up-grade - no go?

Hi, @robert_h

Many Thanks for replying - but where do I find Vtunner ?

Apologies - but I’m an Absolute Novice re - internet pc stuff ???

I have fired up the i-pad > selected Naim/Focal >

and - This is what I see on my screen >

         ( Favourites)   ( servers ) ( Internet Radio ) ( usb )
             ( Tidal )        ( Qubuz )       ( Spotify )   ( Blue Tooth ) 
         PRESETS  -   ALBUMS  -   TRACKS  -  RADIO  -  PLAYLISTS  

I have tried to follow your instructions ( via Int Radio search ) - but cannot find any
of the Magic stations other than the original one ( that I listen to )

I think I’ll need it, step by step / word for word, to have half a chance of understanding this stuff :frowning:

From what I can tell so far is - I don’t have Vtunner on my naim app ?

Regards M.G

PS: Has anyone else - signed up to Magic Premium ? that may be able to help?

Vtuner is a website; the instructions are in the second link: how to create an account etc. how to find existing stations, how to add new ones.
Start here ND5 NX2 - Custom Radio URL? - #2 by robert_h

In the Naim app, go to settings then input settings then internet radio and you should see this info:

That’s the MAC address you will need when you create an account at Naim.vtuner.com

The next screen gives you the “create account” link top right.

Hi @robert_h

Ok ??

Many Thanks - ( Youv’e been brilliant - I really appreciate this )

I think Iv’e managed managed to create an account ( in Naim.vtunner.com )

and managed to follow your excellent description to find my Mac address.

But Hands up - There’s no way I’m confident enough to fill out the details

Iv’e no idea what half the boxes mean? and would hate to enter incorrect info!

Sorry - I really am Totally New at this http, pc lingo??

Is there no one out there who, knows / uses / magic premium ?

Kind Regards M.G

Station name: magic premium
Desc: The home of Magic Breakfast with Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott, and the songs you love from Adele to ABBA, and Ed Sheeran to Elton John.
Logo url: https://www.radio.net/images/broadcasts/44/01/9409/1/c300.png
Station url [the one you’ve been given]
Location London
Genre pop
Type probably mp3
Bit rate 128?
Says “hd audio” on the website but doesn’t give specifics. It actually doesn’t matter as this is descriptive only, as it goes in the list like this:


Hi @robert_h,

Thank you so much -

I’m almost there - Have managed ( I think ) to fill most of the details you have so kindly

guided me on.

The only one I’m stuck on now is the Station URL ? < http: // 123456?? > as I have no clue

where to find it ?

Robert - You’ve been an absolute star ( a real credit to the Forum experience ) Thank You.

The good news is - My son-in-law is coming over this weekend, and has kindly offered

to help sort this out ( and hopefully get me up-n-running )

Kind Regards M.G

PS: will keep you fully up-dated with progress

You put the address of the link you were given in the Station URL box you are asking about here:

Hi @davidhendon
Nice of you to reply,

My dilemma is, I am not confident in what I’m trying to do - ( as you’ve probably guessed )
( Robert has been super patient with me, and has given excellent guidance through out )

The instructions were to fill box X with a station URL IE: < http:// 1234.1234.12.12. > in Numbers
which looks like what I think is called an iP address, ( only guessing? )
with a list of numbers and not “text”! ( if that sounds correct ) ?
And as I have no idea where, or how, to find this “number’s” list for a URL?
I’m not happy doing this and messing it all up at the last hurdle -

As you and many others on here probably realise - I’m in way over my head - lol

So am quite happy to leave this final task to my son-in-law, as he’s far more
conversant with all this jargon, and I’m Confident We Will Succeed ( in the end )

  • I promise I’ll let you all know, how “we” get on -

Kind Regards M.G


Really you should just put the URL you were given in as I suggested. At worst it won’t work and you would have to amend it. The example they give isn’t an ip address which has a different format and the whole internet is set up so you don’t have to know the current ip address of a resource, because that can change at any time.

Anyway perhaps @robert_h can say what he thinks…. Best David

Just put what you’ve been given in the “url” box; it will either work or it won’t.
If it doesn’t work I think you’ll need to contact magic radio and ask them, tell them you’re trying to set it up in vtuner.
If no joy then tag “stevesky” aka director of software at Naim and guru about all things internet radio.
We can only guide you about the standard way of doing things; fundamentally the url is what makes it work, and we don’t know what it is.

Hi Guys,

Have tried putting the url in and submitted it - but alas to no avail :frowning:

( I’m drowning here - and about to give up )

I was originally so chuffed that I’d actually managed to fumble my way around

the streamers menus, to get it to play music - ie: mainly via Qobuz and some

radio stations.

But it looks like the only way I can get to the Magic Premium play - is via my PC.

I’m so disappointed, as the main reason I bought the streamer in the first place

was to able to source higher res music for my DAC.

Am seriously thinking of selling it on and putting the funds towards up-grading the CD player.

Thanks to ALL that have taken the time and trouble to reply - It’s much appreciated

Kind Regards M.G

@Stevesky looks like @M.G needs your help with this one please.

Hi @M.G, @davidhendon

I believe this is all to do with the Bauer Media/Planet Rock premium subscription which gives:

  • No ads (they play another track during the ads).
  • An increase of bit rate on some channels (typically AAC192 vs AAC128)
  • A handful of playlist channels

All of the above is kept inside their paywall, so it can be only played from the PlanetRock app or via their website once logged in.

The only way to play it to a ND5 XS2 is use Chromecast or Airplay2 from their app.
They don’t expose the URL’s so the streams can be added to normal radio playback systems.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Since this Bauer service can’t be accessed as a regular internet station, perhaps your original message had the answer all along? Connecting a SPDIF (often optical, via a TOSLink cable) and using your TV as the source for these streams might be a useful thing to try?

That said, before you give up on your cool new purchase, maybe poke around in the Naim app and try out some of the excellent Internet Radio stations you can listen to, including many in HiRes and covering most genres. There’s a thread that captures best experiences and recommendations from others. RadioParadise (with regular, mellow, and rock streams in HiRes FLAC) is a great place to get started.

Best wishes on your listening journey.

Hi Folks,

Thanks Guys, ( especially Steve H )

Ok - it makes a bit more sense now, after reading Steve’s explanation.

So it looks like I’ll have to use the Mac, to access the station ( and log-in ) and

then see if I can AirPlay direct to the Naim ? ( as they’re both on the same net-work

via a BT router ) which a colleague of mine says should work ( fingers crossed )

My aim is to keep the best possible route ( for data transfer ) to the ND5

and have to admit even playing mp3 files through the Naim, is almost indistinguishable

from CD playback!

I’ll have another play and see if I can get it singing.

Many thanks once again - and I’ll keep you posted.

Regards M.G

Or if you have one, your Iphone.May be more convenient.

Hi @Neilb1906
Hi Neil,
Nope don’t have an i-phone - but after a 15year absence < Iv’e had to give in > ( Dohhh)

and have picked up a S/hand Samsung Galaxy something or other?

and to be quite honest haven’t a clue how to use/work it ???

In my day a phone was a phone < you called and spoke to someone > end of story.

Now it’s just so confusing with all sorts of gadgets widgets or whatever there called ?

It would be nice if that may be able to “talk” to the Naim ( who knows ) ??

My preference would be to try and get my I-Pad Pro 9.7" to do the work ( as that’s what the

Naim/Focal App? is on ) although I have been using Qobuz quite a bit lately ( with excellent

results, I might add )

However - < < < Using the Mac is working! > > > - I’ll get used to it I suppose -

On a side note - Iv’e been doing a bit of ( is it called Surfing ) ? re the audio quality of different

media and am wondering if via the TV it might be better to try and link up using HDMI

as I believe it is designed especially for hi-end audio (and video) using a different format

PCM DSD ?? any how’s - as the Naim has a USB input < I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a

HDMI to USB converter? ( basically I’m looking to get the best quality data transfer as is possible )

So - Anyone out there ever tried this ? or knows if it might work or not ?

Any and all views much appreciated.

Regards M.G

You cannot connect HDMI to USB…different protocols entirely. Also the USB on the Xs2 is for storage media only, not a live stream input.
I would consider using the Iphone you have. Use it purely for the Naim app AND to Airplay the radio station to your ND5XS2.
You dont even need to put a SIM card in, just connect it to your WIFI.
Locate the radio station on the iphone and create a shortcut on the home screen.
I believe this will work.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for that - so USB option not viable.

Have to admit I’m getting used to firing up the MAC < to access my Magic Premium stations >

and to be honest - a mobile is to small a screen for music files for my liking

( especially after having used the I-Pad’s 9" screen ) It works fine for the Naim/Focal derivatives

but doesn’t seem to be able to do the AirPlay2 stuff < maybe it’s time to up-grade the old gal ? >

On a side note - Iv’e been in contact with the folks at Magic Radio and they are actually looking

into being able to integrate their services to use the Naim/Focal app ?

Time will tell - I guess

So for now, I’m a happy bunny - with access to loads of new Tunes with decent sound quality at last :slight_smile:

Kind Regards to all - M.G.

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Perhaps @Stevesky could throw some light on this particular issue.

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