ND5 XS2 / NDX2 connectivity into HUGO 2

I am picking up a HUGO2 today to complement my ND5 XS2.

For me this is a cost-optimal step up compared with trading to a NDX2, partly influenced by other forum members regarding the combination of the new streaming platform with the HUGO.

What connectivity options do I have with these two components ?

Also I want to connect a second DAC, in another room, into this digital stream using SPDIF - I currently do this between two TMA AV32Rs when using the digital out from the ND5 XS2 as my ‘multiroom’ solutiin. I currently use the analogue out of the ND5 when more serious listening into Bypass on the main AV32R, the HUGO will supplant this route.

You need a 75 Ohm BNC to RCA coaxial SPDIF cable from streamer to Hugo. You can use Naim’s DC1, but at over £300, I’m not convinced it’s better than much cheaper options out there such as Gotham, Flashback etc. and then you can choose a suitable length. Naim only do 1.25 metre.
If you have a Naim preamp, you’ll want a 2 x RCA to 5pin DIN. There are Naim options, or the usual alternatives from Chord, Flashback, etc.

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Correction to my previous post: unlike its predecessor, the H2 coax output is via a 3.5mm jack, not RCA.

Thanks Chris,

I had come to a similar conclusion, I.e. a BNC to 3.5mm (probably Gotham) into the HUGO. I already have the RCA to RCA for the analogue output from the HUGO (or ND5 XS2) using Linn Silver interconnects.

Hopefully others will be along shortly to confirm this approach, especially Simon-in-Suffolk. . I will also check out the Chord forum later.

I collected the HUGO this morning, and the HUGO box only includes 2 optical cables - TOSLINK to TOSLINK, and TOSLINK to 3.5mm digital.

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Great - thank you

Also I have a ND5 xs2 … But with Hugo what improvements can bring a more?

I’m not sure if anyone has done any comparisons using ND5XS2. With the original ND5XS, I found Hugo brought quite a significant improvement in sound quality to my ears, sounding more natural. Some people have described it as sounding more analog like. Quite a few people added Hugo to the original NDX, preferring the sound.

why Hugo but not the qutest unless you need an headphone amp and portability?

Please let us know how this works out. I’ve been dying to hear results with this combination(Qutest instead of Hugo2) but close enough.

€ 2,000 for a small piece of plastic and an electronic card! To me, even if it sounds good, its price seems exaggerated!

It’s amongst the world’s most sophisticated DACs… (it’s also not plastic :slight_smile: )


Ok. Good product, but still for portable audio … At home in the hifi system I prefer a naim! As far as we can improve our ears listen and receive up to a certain point. Beyond it is not audible …

It can be used for portable, desktop or as part of a system. Its point isn’t to add things that are inaudible, its point is to provide as life like a sound from the source it can. To make an almost analog natural experience from a digital source.

But hey, if you are happy with your Naim… that’s cool! I’m happy with my Naim too in the livingroom, but I love my Hugo2 on my desktop system. I haven’t connected my Naim NDX 2 with my Hugo 2 though (mainly because I don’t own the necessary cables to do so).

I really like Naim so much that led me to join this community … I like to read you and keep me updated on this Naim world that I love … I always liked Chord Hugo but the shopping is too much for me now. As a mobile I just got Dragonfly Black and hiby r3 with sennheiser hd599 … But chord is chord.

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That’s a good mobile setup! Enjoy!

Indeed, it depends on the individual’s ears, how resolving the rest of is, and whether the room muddies things. I don’t know about ND5XS2 and the original Hugo, or Hugo 2, or Qutest, but Hugo 1 made a distinctly noticeable difference to ND5XS (to me, in my system and room), and others have said similar. Whether that is preferred by any individual depends, of course, on their taste in how the music sounds, and what other factors affect their choice… The only way to know is to hear.

Well, it also has a very good headphone amp. And it does work well in a full system. However there is the Qutest, the non-portable version, though I don’t know how that and Hugo 2 compare - the old equivalent Qute was said to sound a bit different, maybe not quite as good as, the original Hugo.

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How does Hugo connect to Nait5si or ND5 xs2? I could even do the madness to order it …
In digital inputs (1,2,3,4) or the only digital out?

SPDIF digital out to digital in of the Hugo, using 75ohm cable with BNC plug Naom end and RCA plug Hugo end.

And Hugo 2 needs a BNC to 3.5" mini coax ( see above)