ND5 XS2 Problems


looking for some advice - I have been using the ND5XS2 happily since I purchased new in 2020 (Wirelessly). I have recently taken a Qobuz subscription too - all successfully integrated into the naim app. I also have an SSD of my own music plugged into the usb port at the front.

Recently though, particularly when streaming Qobuz but also when playing stored music from the SSD, the unit cuts out displaying a purple light followed be a flashing orange - The app stops too. After a while the unit sorts istelf out but oddly, if I try to reply the same track that was interrupted, the same thing happens - most annoying. Sometimes the track loops like a stuck record before stopping. Also, on one occasion the unit stopped functioning altogether and displayed a flashing power button - had to unplug.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? By the way, I use it wirelessly because I want to…

If you connect it wired, does it work perfectly? In which case you know the issue is WiFi related.

Have you tried shutting down, and removing plug from wall for at least 5 minutes?

I have. I have tried the factory reset too but the issue persists. I am surprised that the issue presents itself even when playing music from the ssd connected to the usb port

Do you experience the problem when nothing is connected via USB? (i.e. using the ssd over the network instead of directly attached)

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I’ve not tried streaming without the ssd connected to the front port, no. Do you think that having music storage connected to the usb port on the unit affects streaming Qobuz ? I can’t see why it would.

Anyway, I have dropped the unit off with the local dealer for testing - hopefully they will be able to replicate the problem.

The dealer did ask if I had a “mesh” on my home network - I don’t have anything like that……