ND5 XS2 signal issue

…this problem drove me crazy. A while back I noticed the left chanel cut out and traced the problem to the SNAIC connector on the streamer. Tinkering with cables seemed to fix it initially but then the problem was back. I switched to RCA cables instead of SNAIC but then the sound was not as good no matter which cables I tried (the streamer is connected to NAC 152 XS). So I switched back to SNAIC and bam, it worked again only to stop the next day after I pulled RCA cables out which I left in the night before. Argh! :wink:

Unless there is another problem I’m not seeing, I think I may have an issue with the wiring inside the streamer leading out to SNAIC hook up. I wonder if anyone experienced something similar? The unit is out of warranty but I can open the box to see if the problem is obvious to solder the bad contact in place. If I don’t find the problem, I guess my next step is to ship the unit to a repair service. I heard there is a Naim-certified repair somewhere around Mid-West but I listen to the streamer every day and hate to lose it even if for a few weeks. So I am also curious if anyone had worked with a quality repair service familiar with Naim around NYC area?

Thanks in advance.

If you are flipping between din and rca output, it could also be a bad relay.

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I tried both DIN-only and DIN AND RCA setting, neither worked. Good to know about the relay - that’s why I think I may need to seek professional help.

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Focal/Naim in Montreal can repair your streamer. Ship it to NY address and they pick it up and transport it to Canada. A/V Options near Chicago is another option. Chris West is the Naim expert in the US. Both offer top notch service.


If it’s to go from the streamer to the preamp, it’s an interconnect rather than a SNAIC that’s needed. Assuming that is what you have, it might be worth ruling out a problem with the cable first. Can you get hold of another one to try and see if the problem recurs?


Thanks! Yeah, I reached out to A/V Options but haven’t heard back. Will keep the Montreal location as an option.

No, cables are not the issue. I tried RCAs and they worked fine. I also tried another SNAIC (and it didn’t work). It’s a problem inside the unit for sure.

Just for your info, and to avoid confusion when you speak to the dealer, the cable is not a Snaic. A Snaic is a much thicker cable, which can also carry power. Your cable is an interconnect.

Had no idea. Thanks for pointing this out.

This may be a useful thread. Good luck with the ND5XS2 repair.



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