Nd5 xs2 streaming from PC over wifi

How do I set up the streamer to see and play my music library on my Mac over WiFi?

Do you have any upnp software running on your computer? Install “asset”, point it at your music, and the nd5 should see it in upnp in the app.


Second the vote for asset it has a free trial (I happily spent £36 to have all the features forever). Really simple and easy to set up.

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Is it possible to do it without upnp?

I’ve been using Squeezebox with Logitech media server so this is all new to me.

No it isn’t, you need something serving the music files over the network.
Lms is upnp software (“s” is for server) - doesn’t the nd5 see it?
Or you physically attach a hard drive to the usb socket, but this gives a more limited user experience.

Does Asset work on Macs?

Yes it does.

There’s also a plug-in for lms:

Thanks I’ll check that out. Will I have to use iPeng?