ND5 XS2 Streaming Quality on Wifi

Hi All , hopefully a simple question to answer (though I haven’t been able to find an answer in the manuals or elsewhere online) does anyone know if the streaming quality is reduced on the ND5 XS2 when using Wifi v Ethernet? I seem to recall on my Muso 1 to get full bitrate etc you had to be wired.

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The Naim website does not mention any difference between wired and WiFi for the NDXS2 . The WiFi on the NDXS2 is streets ahead of the Muso 1.

I own an ND5XS2, but have never tried it with Wifi. Naim usually suggest a wired connection as best, so that is what you should do.

Assuming the WiFi signal is stable, I can’t see any reason for it to be a reduced quality compared with cabled. It’s the same data being transferred (and not much data compared with video, for example).

The cabled recommendation is, I think, mostly about mitigating any potential instability in WiFi. But if the wifi connection is good, it wouldn’t be any different to cabled in terms of music quality.


I heard both streamers (the other being an NDX2) on wired and wireless connections on a 60Mbps connection running WiFi at around 20. Any difference was so negligible as to perhaps not exist.

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It’s not about whether the data reaches the dac.

It’s about noise.

Noise from the cables vs noise from the wifi module.

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I own a ND5XS2 I tried mine recently on wifi and thought it sounded equally as good as ethernet cable
So much so i have left it this way
It could be argued what is the best ethernet cable my answer is no cable !


Was it easy to set up the wifi?

It can be a bit tricky just remove the ethernet cable and depress the wifi pin on the back then just set up with the app following the instructions


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