Nd5 xs2

Just a small question. When I plug a hard drive into the USB port at the front of my ND5 XS2, I then go to the app and click on the usb icon. I then see two folders labelled “front”. When I click on the first one it says “no results found” and only when I click on the second one do I see the contents of the hard drive. Any ideas as to why I’m seeing two folders when there is only one USB port on the front of the machine?


Just to confirm….when I unplug the hard drive, both folders disappear.

Very strange. On mine, I just get one folder that says Front. Are you on the latest Firmware?
App: 5.21.1
System Version:

Yep……firmware up to date.

You could try the standard fix unplug for 30 mins

I just tried a reset but that didn’t solve it

Unfortunately might be worth a call to Naim Support

Mine always show two drives too. No idea why, I’ve mentioned it to Naim in the past as it seems a bit messy but that was a couple of years ago and they’re still there. It still works, so I don’t worry about it.

I would recommend that you ignore the USB input and look in the Server input under Local Music where you will find the same music files with the option to browse metadata and see artwork.


Just tried plugging the hard drive into the rear port and once again, I get two “rear” folders come up!

Can I suggest you take Chris’ advice above.

Thanks. Yes, I’ll take Chris’ advice and use Local Music tab.

Still a bit annoying seeing as others seem to say that they only see one folder.

Thanks guys

The annoyance can be alleviated by not looking at it.

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Great advice. Thanks. As I say, I was just curious. Seeing as it happens when I connect to the rear usb as well I think the streamer is detecting a partition within the WD Hard Drive I’m using. Like someone commented earlier. I’m better off using Local Music anyway.

Thanks again.

I hope you took my comment in the same spirit with which it was typed.

Yes indeed sir! Genuinely made me smile. It’s the price I pay for being so anal!

Best wishes.

You could confirm your partition theory by plugging a single partition USB stick into the USB socket and see what happens then. Also if you wanted to be really sure, you could put a second partition on a USB stick and see what that does….



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