Nd5 xs2

Hi all,
New to this forum so bear with me!
My nd5 xs is great but every time I change tracks etc when steaming via tidal (or other) the input changes from tuner to cd…? Any suggestions? Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks, mike

I haven’t heard of this problem before. Have you tried a power off restart of your ND5 xS2 (so not just by using the front panel button)?

Are you using system automation between ND5XS2 and SN3?

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Will try now - thanks

Yes I am

I think I remember this issue.
Think it was assigning input settings in Naim app so pre-amp (3 on XS3) picks up ND5 XS 2.
Doing this when you use ND5, with system automation on, the amp will select automatically the ND5.


As @Tapp says, I think you need to amend the input assignments in the app so they match the input you have the ND5XS2 plugged into.


Another Naim enthusiast, not currently a forum member, told me:

“The answer is that he needs to set his system automation streamer input to the input the streamer is actually connected to. At the moment he’ll have it set to CD. It’s done in the app.“


Brilliant - done it! Thanks everyone!!


Fantastic that Naim forum was able to sort this out so swiftly for you. This is what I love about this forum. Brothers and sisters in arms!


So true. I didn’t have a chance to chime in as it was answered so quickly(this is a good thing). Also good that “another Naim enthusiast” still helps out from afar :slight_smile:


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