Nd5 xs3

Evening all.

Having a moment - looking on the naim website, current software is v4.7 is mine up to-date?

Also. I’ve just purchased a nait xs3 and see a micro USB port… what is this used for?

Thanks all

4.7 is the last software for the old platform so not relevant to you. You are on the latest for the ND5XS2.

The USB on the Nait is for software updates, should any be required in the future.

The micro USB port is supposed to be for software upgrades. Has anybody ever had a Nait XS2 or XS3 software upgrade though or is that factory only?

Thanks hungry - hard to believe even AMPs potentially receive digital updates now

I’d like to know the answer to that too

I don’t think so. Never heard of such updates :wink: really hard to understand why this usb is there…

Could it be for firmware update rather than software update…?

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