ND555 and SACD files

I have a SACD .iso file and UnitiCore + ND555.
How can I play the .iso (DSD) file? Do I need to convert it to .wav?


ND555 (all Naim players) will play DSD (.dsf) , but not .iso, you need to convert to DSD .dsf
ND555 can play DSD 64 & 128

ISO2DSD is a good tool for conversion

An .iso file is usually a container holding an image of a disc. You would need to extract the audio into a .dsf file in order to be able to play it on a streamer or compatible audio player.

Thanks all.
How can I extract the .dsf file from the .iso file with a Mac OSX?

A quick google search of “convert .iso to .dsf” will bring up a range of options of software that will allow you to do this.


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