ND555 and the story of the old forum continue

Day 2 on my ND555 and things getting much better now, after 36 hours of constant playing.
Still a bit hard and bright, but voices are much more in front of me. Have to burn in
much more hours, to hear much more , of what I heard of a fully burn in ND555 at the demo
in my house. Will also try a Melco cable from my dealer to hear, what this brings to the sound.



I have still often the habit of now running the ND555 during the night or during the day when I am not there. With this forced running in I have gained quite a bit which normally wouldn’t be so obvious. I thought that I would be already at the end of the development - but as it seems still a way to go.

This was one of my favorite topics. I decided to weigh in.

Been travelling, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, LA, Boston and back to Cape Cod on business and pleasure. So my Burn In of the ND555 has taken a pause. I am > one month in, but a couple weeks behind, as decided to leave the system off during the trip. I normally put the internet radio on at night. We are expecting up to 3 feet of snow from storm Harper so may get a couple of days of active burn in, that is until the power goes out. I have a generator. Wonder how the 555 sounds when powered by a personal generator? May find out. I have a power conditioner so it may not degrade much.


Based on my personal experiences in the last weeks, I would highly recommend other to attain the burn in also by overnight running in. The system has gained a lot for me recently.

I agree Bert. It was just that I was going to be away for about two weeks, and I lost a house a couple of years ago to an electrical fire, so I am a bit paranoid about those things. I have been running the 555 in all day and night, whether I was listening to not.


Can imagine that you are careful, don’t want to think about such a scenario…

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