ND555 blank screen

Well, after having waited for the accessories box since Friday, I retrieved it today.
I plugged everything as it should…I did borrow a ND555 twice before so I do have experience. Turn on the CD555PS and wait 6-10 seconds and the Naim logo and the 4 button lights turn on, but no screen. Complete darkness.

Turned it off, unplugged the burndy cables and plugged them back in. Same thing.
It seems to be on but no screen. I can’t pair the remote. I can’t seem to do anything. I looked at the back and there no lights where the ethernet cable is plugged in.
Is my ND555 dead on arrival? That would be a bummer.
Anyone heard of this before?


Correction, it takes about 30 seconds for the lights to come on. And I do see the ethernet lights going.

Still more, the power light was slowly flashing on and off while all the other lights were off and then it just tuned off no more ethernet lights and I can turn it back on with the power button.
I guess it’s back to the dealer tomorrow.

Before I bring it in, does someone know how to do a factory reset for the ND555?

Thank you.

Never mind, found it. Google is your friend.

A factory reset solved the problem?

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No, it hasn’t. Actually, I don’t really know if the factory reset was actually done since the screen is black.
I keep the two buttons in for about a minute and nothing.
It’s going back this morning. Rather disappointing.

Have you got the correct Burndy cable?

Yes, the two cables that come in the accessories box.

Transport screws removed?
Have you tried adding it in the app? Does it appear there?

Yes, screws removed. Yes, on one or two occasions the ND555 appeared in the app. I was able to start Radio Paradise…but no sound. The ND555 would not behave the same way each time I would start it. The only constant is the screen is always black.
I’m assuming my best course of action is to return to the dealer.

Did you get the booting up progress bar and Naim logo on the screen? If not something is wrong and you should take it back.

No progress bar and no logo on the screen. I’m taking it back right now.

There is an option to turn the screen off. But if I am understanding correctly, yours sounds more “dead” than just lack of screen.

Yes, dead is the right word.

The unit is back at the dealer and I have an NDS on loan until a resolution is reached.

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I thought units were checked before leaving the factory. Seems to way too many similar stories of late. Quality control seems to be an issue. Disappointing.

To be fair it could have been dropped in transit and cable dislodged…


Thank you to Focal-Naim NA for expediting shipment of a replacement ND555. I’m listening to it now and it is wonderful.
That is very impressive given I had purchased the last one in North America. Or so I was told.

I do wonder however, why the replacement unit has an earlier serial number than the unit returned.