ND555 ground switch

I read Martin Colloms’ second review of the ND555 and I’m a little confused.

I connect two sources to the 552.
One: ND555.
Two: Superline+Supercap.

Do I need to set the ND555 to floating?
Does the Superline (+Supercap) provides ground to the system? Like a naim CD player?
Martin says it does, hence he sets his ND555 to floating. However naim mention only the CD player as a ground-provider source.
What about the Superline?

Martin wrote:
“In my ND555 review a year back, I noted that:
At this point we noticed that the signal grounding switch on the back panel of the 555 was set to the
‘left’ when the unit is viewed from the front, noting at this point that my system didn’t have the otherwise source grounded Naim Superline Phono pre-amplifier connected. As such, without another source, the correct setting for the ND555 was for the alternative ‘to the right’ position. making this source dominant.”


I find what he says a bit confusing from the quote above!

I only use an ND555 into the 552 but have not altered the switch from where it was when new. I would also like to know what I should set if someone is an expert on these things!

I had not given it much thought tbh!

With a turntable connected to the Superline it would make sense to set the streamer to floating. Try both and see which you prefer.

It’s definitely something you should try either way if you have more than one source.

Just try both. If you can easily access with one hand. I have tried and choosed one of the two. But don’t remember if there was really a difference in my set up.

I tried both.
Floating mode sounds brighter, more air and clearer, instruments and vocal are more separated as if the mains is “clearer” but on the other hand Default mode sounds fuller and instruments are more grounded but over time it’s maybe a bit dull in comparison. The sound is a bit clumsy, bombastic.
I would like to know if there is a way to measure things, i.e. use a multimeter to see if the Superline does provide the ground to the 552. (I’m not an electrician).

@Clive, @northpole, Eoink…use Nd555 and turntable. They should help.

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