ND555 Impressions

Gosh, they really do see audiophiles coming from a long way off.

Out Cisco 2960 series 8 port gigabit switch cost us £60, though to be fair it is reconditioned, not new.

Uptone Audio has been using the Cisco 2960 10/100 and gigabit 8 port switches as the benchmarks to beat for its new EtherRegen switch, which is about to be launched at a retail of about $640 in the USA, circa £650 in the UK (from Audiostore). The Ansuz switch will have to be somewhat special to be worth $2,400+

Food for thought.

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Hello Richard
I think the last few posts here would be good to stand on their own, rather than in the ND555 Impressions. That will make it easier to find, also. Something like “Ethernet Switch Mania” might be a good one.


It is a Cisco SG112-24. It was recommended by Lumin Tech Support. It includes 2 SFP ports that accept SFP transceivers to connect to fiber networks. I still have my switch with two transceivers. If anyone is interested PM me.

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Unfortunately, while I can merge threads, I can’t take out posts and start a new thread. That would be down to the members to start a new thread, which is probably a good idea (in the Streaming Room please) before this one drifts too far off topic…

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My Aqvox switch has landed and is installed…I will feed back. One thing I have noticed so far the network seems faster…on the pc.

There’s now a thread for dedicated switch talk.

I have had my ND555 for a few weeks now and it was ex-dem so is run in and I leave it switched on 24/7.

I have noticed that when I start a listening session it takes a few tracks to come on song. It starts by sounding a little congested and lacking some subtle details. Even a break in listening of an hour or two, it still only sounds at its best after three or four tracks.

Of course it may not be down to only the ND555 and I am sure there is a bit of warm up needed for power amps and power supplies, but I never noticed this phenomenon so much with my NDS.

Anyone else notice this or is it me?

I notice it with my NDX2.


you leave it switch on or continuously running :running_woman:? on radio during night and day?

No, I mean it is just powered on 24/7, not actually playing.

why not the 24/24 running? it will be completely burn in in two weeks with that way.

I could do, but It seems well run in as I am not suffering ups and downs from one day to the next, just the initial ‘warm up’ improvement I refer to.

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Nigel, not sure how much run in your ND555 had at the dealer but I found mine took over six months before it finally settle in and being retired it was played for many hours every day and left with the Iradio in use when not being listened to, trust this helps.

Thanks pcd, you may be right.

Have you noticed a warm up lasting a few tracks now your ND555 is fully run in?

I don’t think I have @NigelB with my fully run in ND even though I tend to let it go to standby mode between sessions although I must admit I’m not very good at noticing subtleties in SQ as many on this forum can.

Nigel, having had quite a few new black boxes and S/L cables in the last three years or so the ND555 took the longest by far to come on song the consistency of the sound was a bit iffy to start with and much as you described.

After about six months of being used every day a not being switched off it just seemed to settle down and mantain a consitant replay quality.

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My ND555 suffers the same warm up effect. 10-15minutes in and it sounds great. I leave it, and the rest of my 500 system, powered on all the time. Seems to be a characteristic of the Naim boxes.

Yup, 10 to 15 mins sounds about the same warm up as I am experiencing. It is probably the entire system though, or at least black boxes with transformers inside, and the extra transparency of the ND555 makes the warm up sound more obvious.

Well that is my theory.

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@NigelB it’s the drugs kicking in🥴

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OK, who’s been talking?