ND555 Issue

I’ve current got an ND555 on extended demo.

I’ve had the unit since mid December and all has been fine until the last couple of days.

Twice now it has stopped playing mid track and appears to have re-booted itself.

I was playing CD rips from an Innuos Zenith Mk 3 both times.

I’ve contacted the dealer to let him know but wondered if anyone here has had any similar issues ?

Have you tried to restart your router, wait, restart your Innuos then finally the Nd555?

I’ve not tried anything as yet.

The streamer just rebooted itself.

So, music was playing, stopped mid track. I went into the app and it couldn’t find the ND555 as a room. When I looked at the unit the Naim logo appeared on the screen. After a short while it was available as a room and I could play music as normal.

I’ve had the unit since mid December and this occurrence has happened twice. Once last week (Thursday I think) and again tonight.

Spontaneous reboots, often preceded by stuttering, are a well-known problem that has plagued streamer users for some months, some more, some less or not at all. It was partially addressed by firmware updates but not completely. Another update is expected soon that will hopefully fix it for good.

From the long-running firmware thread, already some time ago:

Yup. Been going on for over 2 years now and they still expect to sell these things

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Try the successive reboot, starting with the router. Such things sometimes happen to everyone and are solved by restarting, in most of the cases.
You can make a factory reset too, if it doesn’t work.

What frenchrooster said. And official:

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That’s pretty poor for such a premium product.

Maybe I’ll stick with the NDS a while longer. No such issues there.


I wouldn’t overreact. The forum attracts reports, and some members are clearly affected more, but e.g. my dealer was not aware of the reboots, so it’s apparently not that many. I had one instance in several months. Follow the instructions and chances are you will not see it again. Should not happen, of course, and it lasted far too long, but it also does not really diminish my joy with the NDX2. Fingers crossed for the next update, should not take much longer

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I received my ND555 last September, at that point it ran 3.5.0 firmware - In the short time I ran that before 3.5.1 became available I had no random reboots. Since running 3.5.1 (pretty much on day of release) I think 5-6 random reboots in that time. That seems to be right in the middle of others experiences. I have not once bothered doing a hard restart/reboot. I did report to Naim and was told to hang on for the next update. Does seem to be imminent by the chat on here.

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As others have mentioned, there’s a Fw update that is imminent that should fix this. What would be interesting to know though is whether your dealer experienced the same thing. I would have thought not otherwise they would perhaps have not lent it out on extended demo. It could point to it being specific to certain networks or network setups, which might also explain why so many users seem to be unaffected, while some others can be affected by it. However, it will be interesting to hear back from your dealer as to whether they ever experienced such things at their shop or elsewhere.

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Indeed, it’s a shame.

The reboot procedure, or factory reset, as @Richard.Dane offered to follow, won’t help much, unfortunately.

The random reboots are triggered by whatever they are and resting your ND555 will only relieve you until the events that trigger the reboots happen again.

All streamers are probably affected, but not everyone notices it, or triggers what causes them.

It’s rather annoying and quite unfortunate!

But let’s put things in perspective :

  • It is a software issue, meaning it should be corrected sooner or later.

  • Your ND555 is fine. You shouldn’t worry about that.

  • The ND555 is an exquisite piece of kit, extremely well built :smiley:

  • Even with this temporarily firmware issue, the ND555 sounds amazing!

  • If you had yours at a good price, keep it. You could even negotiate another discount with your dealer :wink:


If it reboots and then is ready to start again, there is no need to restart routers and reset the player. It’s not a network thing but rather about how the player handles data inside itself. There is new software in beta that should resolve the issue and hopefully it will be available as a general release soon.


I’m somewhat amazed by the brand loyalty of some of us here … we are talking about a player which costs EUR 16.199, at least here in the Netherlands … and this is even without a power supply …

I understand that these are software issues and that they are difficult to fix, but the ND555 has been introduced back in 2019 … this is becoming embarrassing …

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Don’t be. At least as far as I’m concerned. You should read my comments on the firmware update related thread :wink:

My intentions here were to put things in perspective :

  • Naim produces very good gear
  • The problem is software related, not hardware.

Same thing happened with my Atom last night, first case of it though in a few years.

The problem was probably present from the very beginning, but it’s the 3.5.x version of the software that brought it as a “new feature” :laughing:

As said above I suspect the problem was present from the very beginning as a “silent” bug, and that’s probably why Naim is having such a hard time finding were the code fails handling exceptions.

Trust me, if the code isn’t right from the very beginning, a few thousand lines of code later it’s quite a challenge to identify problems…

Other than this minor glitch, how are you finding the ND555 against your NDS?

It’s not a glitch, it’s a feature ! :joy:

New firmware update - #1847 by Thomas

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Actually introduced 2018!