New firmware update

Problem solved, Chez Dave.

Having carried out a “so called” Factory Reset, via the remote and ND 555 front screen, I Googled “ND 555 Factory Reset” and found instructions not contained in the, frankly, less than comprehensive product manual, other wise known as the “Quick Start Guide”.


The music is back … phew, but does it really have to be this difficult?


Hi Richard, do you think it might be worth flagging this info up as a sticky, since there does seem to a be a difference in functionality between the Factory Reset procedure in the product manual, and the one above, which has finally resolved my post firmware update problems?

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Think I’ll try a factory reset now. Just to eliminate the variables.


It has had a factory reset so the countdown begins. Fingers crossed.

Also deleted and reloaded app.


Dave, AFAIK this has always been the reset procedure and is available on the website FAQ so shouldn’t be needed as a sticky here. Not to be confused with what I believe is termed a “hard re-boot” as more recently advised…

No worries, but there’s definitely a difference between the “soft” reset with the remote and screen combination, per the manual, and the holding down of ND 555 buttons whilst powering it back up again.

Just seems odd that this info isn’t in the product manual.

Just for my future info, what does a “hard re-boot” involve?



Re. Re-boot, support’s official advice is as follows:

Close the Naim app (don’t just minimise it).
Power off (unplug) the unit and leave for a good 10 minutes or so.
In this time, it may also be worth rebooting the router, just to give everything a chance to refresh.
When the router is back up and running, switch the Naim unit back on and allow to fully boot up.
Then open up the Naim app, connect to the appropriate ‘Room’.

If you are using any streaming services then log out first and log back in last.

Sorry to appear sceptical, but how do you know? Surely, only time will tell.

Well, this time yesterday, I had no choons, other than directly from the HDX, and today, the streamer is back functioning normally.

What I don’t get, though, is the different Factory Reset procedure outlined in the manual, using the remote and front screen, and the “hands on” one I unearthed earlier.

As to the future … :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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After my Nova froze when installing the latest firmware (error 310 reported earlier in this thread), it had been running fine until it just performed a reboot. I’ve sent Naim support an email. Since the spontaneous reboot, the overall sound seems a bit fuller (a little more bass) to my ears so not all bad news. :slightly_smiling_face:

Piling on, Uniti Atom on

  • Numerical volume indicator on front display not showing while adjusting volume via any means (remote and top wheel LEDs displaying properly)
  • Digital 2 input not playing sound despite acquiring signal as per proper kHz indication, need to switch to internal source (ie Spotify) and then back for any sounds to be played
  • Digital 2 sometimes reverse: indicating No signal but actually playing sound

Bruno, I take it you have done a hard re-boot, and/or a reset following the 3.5 fw update?

If so, then please contact Naim tech support.

I had a weird thing happen this morning that I’ve never seen happen . I was playing music and it stopped suddenly and a black screen came up with the Naim name on it . It sat there for maybe 30 -45 seconds and then thankfully went to the menu screen . The Uniti Atom is working fine at this point .I was playing Tidal so maybe the stream went bad ?

I think this is called a spontaneous reboot. I had two of those since the update while playing music on the Nova. I believe Richard mentioned that there is some interest by Naim on this, I guess a search should find his post. IIRC get in touch with Naim support. (In my case, it’s a loaner so I’ll leave that up to the dealer if it does not get worse while I have it)

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Reboot just happened again with now the Roon name on the display . It has been stuck for over a minute . Sigh :pensive:. I had the freezing display and that seems fixed now I have this .
Now the Uniti Atom literally just turned itself off (put in standby ) I didn’t touch a thing

This is unacceptable.

Johnny, please see my many posts above - please, if a hard re-boot, or even a reset does not clear this then contact Naim support on Monday. Thanks.

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spontaneous reboot brought me a certain advantage and it freed me from the frozen screen

Given the number of units incurring the random reboot and/or stuttering and/or other unexpected issues, do you think it might be worth adding a cautionary note to the pinned notice announcing firmware v3.5?

If Naim are shipping new units, what firmware version are they loading? Anyone know?

Clive, according to Naim the number of reports to tech support of the random re-boot is very small - I guess we see it here as looking like more as this is most often one of the ports of call of anyone affected. So unless Naim advise otherwise, I shall leave the sticky as is, but I think anyone experiencing this should contact Tech support.

So why don’t we insist that noone discusses reboots or anything else unless they have already reported it to Naim support?