ND555 left channel via DIN output not working

I have an RMA from the distributor and Naim will take care of me -
but was wondering if there’s something I can try at home - my ND555 lost one channel through DIN out. Tried a few DIN cables but same issue - and these din cables all work on other systems I have at home.

The rca out works. System is ND555/552/500.

Thanks in advance!
Tried rebooting and factory resetting the unit.
Not sure how to apply firmware again …

Is that the one going to your NAC 552?
Never mind. I understand now.

Are you sure this isn’t your 552 ? I had a similar problem recently and it turned out to be a stuck relay in the 552 not the source component.

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Have you checked through the other DIN inputs on the 552?

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Almost certainly a stuck relay, Naim had to replace mine.

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I agree with @Gazza that it’s likely to be a stuck relay and is a known issue with some batches of relays. But as @Richard.Dane identifies it’s very important to check whether the problem is with your 555 or your 552, or you could be returning the wrong black box.




Using a RCA to Din cable and it is working just fine. I thought there might be a trick - like knocking twice on the box or putting transit screws on and shaking to unstick stuck relays or something else…

Sometimes a power cycle will do the trick. But do try the other DINs on the NAC552, just to be sure.

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Sounds like a relay problem had it on my ND555.

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yeah, looks like a relay problem. NDX2 in place works just fine.

Had a similar issue with my new 552, lost left channel entirely, was under warranty so ended up having to be replaced with a another unit…

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