ND555 on the Supernait 3!

I have been playing around with my office/second listening area all year. Tried a Nova, really liked it, had the goal of connecting another turntable for vinyl playback, not an LP12 Didn’t get on with any of the Rega’s to it. Switched gears to a Supernait 3 with NDX2 for ease of playback. Dawned on me yesterday to try the ND555 in the system. On the main system we stream mostly for background music, albeit some listening, and have true listening sessions with the LP12 and vinyl.

Connecting the ND555 to the Supernait was really another eye opener to source fist mentality. It sounds so good and am gaining more from it than thought possible on the modest Supernait 3. Plan to probably get a PS for the NDX2 on the main system at some point but for now, enjoying the simplicity of it all. Also, probably a HICAP DR on the Supernait. Perfect pairing with the Wilson Duette’s! Have a great weekend everyone!


Was it hard hitting… :crazy_face:


You just couldn’t let that one go could you? Lol

@IanRobertM Something like that! :laughing:


I bet that sounds amazing! :laughing:


I had this system myself a while back with a HiCap DR on the SN3. Loved it. Enjoy it, I am sure you will. Even with a SN3 the ND555 was well ahead of an NDX2 to my ears in the ‘just sounds right’ stakes. I bought it at a good price with a plan to build better system around the ND555. It took a bit longer than I imagined to do it, partly because it sounded so good with the SuperNait 3 and a pair of DeVore Fidelity speakers.

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The better the sources you put on the SN3 the more they keep delivering and performing from an improved SQ, they are a very good integrated amplifier, especially with a HiCap DR to significantly improve the pre-amp section.

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Mr @Skeptikal has a Klimax LP12 fronting his Supernait so I’d guess that the source must be getting the absolute best out the amp. I would also guess that the source has much more to give in this situation but hey, what sounds great sounds great. Nothing really has to sound greater does it?


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