ND555, one or two boxes?

Quick question? I just picked up a ND555 from my dealer and only the unit is in the box. Should the burndy cables, remote and din to din be in that box? Or, they are in a separate box.

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Mine came in a separate box. Actually, when I got the courier notification that two boxes were being sent, I emailed the dealer to check they weren’t sending me a 555PS by mistake, and the answer was the second box is the ND555 accessories.

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Seperate box hers as well.

Thank you. That’s a relief, sort of. The distributor didn’t ship the second box. Probably due to the new ERP, I read somewhere.
Better than missing in the box that would need to come from across the pond.

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Yeah, but pretty slack service. Seems a bit of a problem for Naim these days. Can’t even get the basics right. It’s not like your buying a sack of potatoes.

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I had the same thing picked up my ND555 got it home and just the unit in the box.

For some reason all the other (cables, antennas and remote) are in a nice separate box.

Second box was couriered to me the next day.


Yep……you need a good dealer to sort these things out….quickly. In my experience, Naim in the UK pull out all of the stops.
It appears more problematic in some overseas territories………being very diplomatic😥


Well, it is sorted. They found the box, but too late to ship it to the dealer today. They will ship Monday and the dealer and I will get it Tuesday. No stress, these things happen.


My NDX2 just turned up in one box :cry:


Strange - mine came in one box. Accessories inside

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